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Sexual Lubricants 

A new study has revealed that using Sexual lubricants during sexual activity alone or with a partner adds to more pleasurable and satisfying sex. A woman can experience Painful Sex if there is not sufficient vaginal lubricationPersonal Lubricants make Sex more enjoyable.  Using Vaginal Lubricants during sexual activity reduce the likelihood of vaginal or condom tearing, risking HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.

Here's a whirlwind tour through some of the more common types of Sexual Lubricants:

Warming & Tingling Lubricants - Warming Lubricants

Designed to stimulate arousal, warming lubes are offered as, Water Based, Silicone Based and Flavored lubricant with Natural Ingredients. Warming gels help to enhance your sexual experiences.  The warming lubes begin their process minutes after being applied. Safe oral sex requires the use of a barrier, such as a condom, flavored condoms or dental dam. Did you know there are special lubricants for enhancing male masturbation?  Choosing warming & tingling lubricants can help stimulate a better erection.

Oooh a female orgasm Climax Bursts Warming
Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac
Clitoral Stimulant Wild
Warm Encounter
ID Sensation Warming

Natural Lubricants

Vaginal lubrication is an essential component of good sex, so, by using a personal lubricant you can compensate for biological changes in your body. Changes in a woman's hormone levels during menopause or other life changes may bring on vaginal dryness, by using Vaginal Lubricants such as Astroglide, you mimic the body's natural fluids.

Naturals Silky Supreme System jo women
I-d moments
FriXion Lube
Hydra Organic Lube
Sliquid Organics

Water, Silicone & Oil Based

Wet lubricant stays wet to provide long lasting silky smooth lubrication, great with condoms! Out of the three, water based and silicone lubricants are glycerin free. The only issue with water based sex lubes is they dry out fairly quick, which means they need to be reapplied more often than the silicone lubricants. Personal lubes made of silicone cannot be used for silicone sex toys. For anal play, water based  lubricants are still great to use, especially Ultra LubeSilicone Based lubricants are great for those who have glycerin allergies, or use under water examples are showers, hot tub or pool.

ID Glide Lube Astroglide
Liquid Silk
Pjur Eros
ID Millenium
Boy Butter

Flavored Lubricants

An edible lube is water-based, with flavoring added to flavored lubes makes it fun for oral sex or other tongue-to-body contact.  A taste of these lip-smacking, fruity passion gels means you'll never want to stop sucking or licking, slipping or sliding!  Ultra-delicious and edible, fruit flavored Sex Tarts lubricating formulas are water based, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-staining and totally latex-friendly. For a thick flavored option, try our Kama Sutra Love Lubricant.  Pour some on, and suddenly you're delicious!  Succulent sexual lubricants or (sex lubes) come in wide a variety of flavored lubes, so there's something for every taste! Buy flavored lubes all-natural, non-staining, water-based, or water-soluble.

Jo H2O Watermelon Astroglide Strawberry
ID Lube Cherry
Sex Tarts Cherry
ID Lube Pina Colada
Razzels Green Apple

Anal Lubricants

The vagina produces lubricant naturally, although some women can experience dryness, the anus does not, and so, if you enjoy anal sex and really want to make the experience pleasurable for both partners, you should choose the appropriate sex lubes.  So, you're taking the plunge into anal sex or just a hardened anal veteran, who might be less than happy with your current non-performing lube.  A good Oil based lube is essential for safe and pleasurable anal sex.  Anal sex lubes should have a thicker consistency with a long lasting formulation.  Oil Based Lubes last longer than other personal lubes and is frequently used for anal sex.  For anal play, water based lubricants are still used, but, you might want to consider a silicone lube because water based absorbs quite quickly.  Some water based lubricants require so much reapplication that, the rhythm of your anal play gets disrupted, consequently losing the groove.  Some anal lubes are just too damn sticky. Never use a lubricant for anal sex if it has desensitizing ingredients. Anal creams and anal lubes make anal play more comfortable, among couples using different personal lubes. 

Moist Anal Lube
System Jo Anal
Doc's Anal Lube
Id Cream Him Leather

Erotic Body Lotions

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